Monday, September 24, 2012

Gone Keeps Your Tattoo Sharp and Vibrant

Tattoo Healing Process
While a tattoo is an exciting method of self-expression, a tattoo is also a wound. During tattooing a needle pierces your skin thousands of times, depositing a foreign substance - ink - below the skin. This process usually results in bleeding, as the body attempts to push ink and other contaminants out of the wound and create a scab so that it can heal beneath it. Keeping your tattoo safe and free from contamination and infection means keeping the tattoo covered and thus preventing debris and germs from entering this wound. But allowing your tattoo to heal with all of the color and desired appearance intact also means that you need to prevent scab formation. You can accomplish both of these goals, allowing your tattoo to heal quickly and safely but also with the best appearance possible, by using a revolutionary new moist wound healing gel called Wound-Be-Gone. This gel is the perfect answer to keeping your tattoo color bright and the lines sharp, showing off your body art for a lifetime.
Caring for Your New Tattoo
The key to proper healing of your tattoo is to keep it clean and safe from contamination, while also maintaining a moist healing environment. Obviously, keeping your tattoo clean prevents disease and infection. What you may not know is that keeping your tattoo moist throughout the healing process prevents your body from forming a scab. This healing without a scab is good because scab healing allows for more bleed out of ink and promotes development of scar tissue. By keeping your tattoo moist 24 hours a day until the skin is completely healed you ensure that the new skin grown over your tattoo is healthy, and not full of scar tissue, which would diminish the appearance and color of your tattoo. It is also important to note that scar tissue does not tattoo well. Thus, if scar tissue does form you cannot simply have an artist tattoo over it to correct the color. If a tattoo's appearance is damaged through improper healing there is little that can be done to correct it. Instead, you need to keep the tat moist from the start, to minimize growth of such tissue, and to ensure that the initial healing happens quickly and efficiently. The proper healing gel can make this healing process fast and easy.
Wound-Be-Gone® is a patented healing gel that provides optimal healing power. Though extremely powerful and known to help heal even the most severe wounds, Wound-Be-Gone® is available without a prescription, and is perfect for healing various household injuries - especially tattoos!
When considering tattoo aftercare there are a number of products on the market. This abundance of options may leave you wondering what makes Wound-Be-Gone® a better choice. You may also have question about whether Wound-Be-Gone® will clog your skin pores or cause allergic reactions, or how often you should apply Wound-Be-Gone.® The answers are simple, and the choice is very important, so keep on reading.
The Deficiencies in Other Options
Bacitration and Neosporin are popular tattoo aftercare products, as are Vaseline and other specifically marketed tattoo gels. However, healing products such as Bacitration and Neosporin contain antibiotics. For most wounds and tattoos, these antibiotic properties are unnecessary. Assuming you chose a well established, reputable tattoo artist, your art should be mostly clean and free of bacteria. The gel that the artist applies immediately after the tattoo will kill any minor surface bacteria, and simple cleansing after the initial tattoo is done will remove airborne contaminants; no further antibiotic is necessary. In fact, overuse of topical antibiotics can cause you problems in the future, so antibiotic gels are not the best choice for the 7 - 14 days that it takes a tattoo to heal.
Vaseline and other petroleum based products are not good either. While they will help keep the wound moist, they contain petroleum derivatives which are not healthy for the wound and do not provide the proper environment for healing. Specifically designed tattoo goo's and gels do help provide moist healing, but that is all they do.